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Top 5 famous places in New Zealand

New Zealand is an isolated island in the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean. The country is famous for its fantastic landmarks, fjords, mountains, geysers and so on. Culture, history and nature are very important values in New Zealand. Furthermore, you’ll get more information about the most famous places in this beautiful country:

Nr 5. Mount Eden
Mount Eden is the highest point in Auckland city. It’s a volcano (cinder cone) and reaches 196 meters above sea level. Many tourists, both walking and biking, achieve the top to enjoy the amazing view over the big city.
Nr 4. Rangitoto Island
Rangitoto Island is a small volcanic island near the coast of Auckland city. The Island is only 5.5 km wide, and got unique plant species and an extraordinary forest. Rangitoto means in the Maori-language: “Bloody Sky”. The name comes from the time when different Maori tribes fought against each other on the Island. The leader of one of the tribes was badly hurt, and therefore the name. 

Nr 3. The Beehive Building
The Beehive building, also known as the New Zealand parliament building, is located in the capitol Wellington. The building got ten floors, and is formed as a beehive. New Zealand’s prime minister has got his office in the building, designed by a Scottish architect. 

Nr 2. The Elephant Rocks
The Elephant Rocks are located on the South Island. The astonishing rocks became world famous after Andrew Adamson directed the Narnia movie there, in 2005. As we remember from the movie, The Elephant Rocks are filmed as the king Aslan’s camp (picture underneath). The shapes of the stones look like elephants, and that’s where the name comes from. 

Nr 1. Auckland city
Auckland city is on the North Island of New Zealand. It’s the biggest and most populated city in the country. In this beautiful town there are many things to do and see. 

·         Goat Island Marine Reserve
The Goat Island is a little area on the coast of a small town named Leigh. The Marine Reserve is famous for its scientific research and its diving possibilities among friendly fishes.
·         Auckland Harbour Bridge
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is over 1 km long, and it’s the second longest road bridge in New Zealand. Many climbers and bungy-jumpers use the facilities of the bridge, especially at the night-time, when you can see the whole town from another perspective.
·         Sky Tower
This miraculous Sky Tower lies in the middle of Auckland city. With its 328 meters, it’s the highest man-made building in New Zealand, and the 12th highest tower in the world. In the top of the tower you can look over 80 km in every direction. The tower is a part of a hotel and a casino, where tourists can enjoy themselves.

-Margrete and Fanny


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