onsdag 27. oktober 2010

Mount Eden

Mount Eden - A volcano in the middle of Auckland

It was early morning when we started our trip up to Mount Eden this day. It was in the middle of February, and in this part of the year, it was summer in New Zealand. I, Christine, Fanny and Margrete was on our trip around in New Zealand. We had seen much of the country, but we had a little bit again. One of the last stop we had, was in Auckland City. Auckland City is New Zealand’s largest city with a population of 450.000. We had decided in advance that we should visit Mount Eden who is a volcano in Auckland City. It is a volcano who lays 196 meters above the sea level.

The morning we started our trip up to Mount Eden, had already the sun stand up.
It was only some skies we could see up there, beside the sunbeams that warmed our bodies in the moist temperature. It wasn’t cold, but maybe around 18 degrees in the air.
We used around one and a half hour to get us up to the top of Mount Eden. It was a little bit chillier. But it was no problem, because we had warmer clothes with us.

After we had got back the warm again, we concentrated us about the atmosphere and the nature that lay around us. The ground was covered with lush, green grass.
We could see Auckland City that lay around us, and we had a great view beyond the City.
The nature on Mount Eden was a kind of special. It wasn’t much trees and bushes around on the top, but a few trees, bushes and flowers could we see further down towards the city.

It was a special experience to stand on the top of a volcano that lay so close to the City. The nature and atmosphere that Mount Eden had, can you not see every day!

It was a great trip with the girls! 
- Caroline

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