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Famous persons from New Zealand

  New Zealand's own Rose

Melanie Jayne Lynskey is an actress from New Zealand. She was born in the major city of the Taranaki Region, called New Plymouth at May 16th, 1977. She grew up with her parents and four siblings. Today she is married to the actor Jimmi Spimpson. They met at the set to “Rose bed”, and got engaged in 2005. The wedding took place in a vineyard on Lake Hayes, near Queenstown, New Zealand.

Melanie graduated from the New Plymouth Girls High School, before she started to study English literature at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. When she was young, she was already  discovered by the famous film producer Peter Jackson’s wife. At the age of 17, Melanie got her breakthrough in the film Heavenly Creatures. Her performance was described as perfect and fearless, and she won the Best Actress award at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards for her role in the film.

Melanie Lynskey and Charlie Sheen
After the great start of her career it was tough for Melanie when the jobs absented. Although she didn’t get the leading roles, she participated in many series and films starring Drew Barrymore, Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon, to name a few.

In 2003 she finally got a huge role. One of America’s favorite television shows “Two and a half men” hired her to the role as Rose. Rose is the stalking neighbor to Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). She is madly in love with him, and she often appears on their porch for a nice chat or cuddling.


                              "The Gladiator" 

Russell Crowe
Russell Ira Crow was born in Wellington in year 1964 in New Zealand.
He and his family moved from New Zealand to Australia when he was four years old. But they moved back when Russell was 14 years old. He is today well-known as an actor in his country. His first success as an actor began when he was only six years old and got a little scene in the Australian TV-program Spyforce.

After some school years, he dropped out because he wanted to help his family instead. When he was 21, he went to Australia to study at National Institute of Dramatic Art. Russell Crowe played in TV-series like Neighbours and Living with the Law before he got his first chance in the film, The Crossing early in the nineties.  After the big success in Australia, Russell went to America, and his success in America was much bigger than in Australia.   
He has been nominated for three Oscars, and he got Oscar for best male role in the movie Gladiators in 2001. He got price for the best actor in 2002, from British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
Russell Crowe as "Maximus Decimus Meridius" in the movie "Gladiators"

Russell Crowe and his family
Today is Russell Crowe married with the Australian singer and actress Danielle Spencer.Together they have two sons named Charles “Charlie” and Tennyson. His family lives in Sydney, so he spends most of his time in Australia.  
Russell is a good dad and husband, but he is known for his heated temperament, and has been involved in several violence situations that have created problems with his wife and family.


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