onsdag 27. oktober 2010

On the top of the world

13th February, Auckland city – New Zealand

Dear diary
Today Caroline, Fanny, Christine and I enjoyed our first day in New Zealand.  We arrived yesterday, but after spending many hours in the plane, we were too tired to explore this amazing country.  I have to say that when we first arrived, I was a bit shocked. In my imagination, New Zealand was a mossy bush, with the Maoris as the only living humans. But I was absolutely wrong. Auckland city is a metropolis!

After breakfast we decided to visit the Sky Tower. The tourist information at our hotel told us that it was the highest building in New Zealand. I have never been very ardent about heights, but how bad could it be? After all, I had been in the top of the highest building in Trondheim, named Tyholttårnet.

We packed our valuables, and were ready to go. When we arrived the Sky Tower, a guide followed us to the elevator. While we were standing in the elevator he told us a lot of information and facts about the tower. He said that Sky Tower was the 12th tallest tower in the world, even taller than the Eiffel tower in Paris. When he mentioned that a man hijacked a plane and threatened with crashing the tower in 2005, I froze. My mind started spinning, and I couldn’t feel my feet. What in the world was I doing in this dangerous building? The other girls looked worried at me, and pointed out that I looked pale. I didn’t want to be a coward, so I just snorted to their remarks.

As the elevator reached the top and the doors opened, we all groaned in astonishment. The view from the 328 meter tall tower was amazing. I felt like I was on the top of the world! All the beautiful nature mixed with the urban areas, was an extraordinary sight. The sun twinkled in the water surface, and the small islands made the whole vision seem like a fairytale picture.

When the shock about the fantastic view was over, I remembered my abomination for heights. My knees started trembling, and I imagined falling down from this height. My stomach turned inside out, and I had to get out of the building. The other girls started to get the idea of eating dinner in the restaurant in the top of the tower. Only the taught of food made me even more sick, so I had to talk them out of it.

After nagging about how wonderful it would be to eat outside in the beautiful weather, I managed to change their minds. We took the elevator down again, and enjoyed the rest of the day at a restaurant besides the tower. The feeling of getting out of the building was extremely liberating.

I had a very interesting day, and the view from the tower was indescribable. But if one thing is for sure, I would never visit a tower that is taller than Tyholttårnet again.

- Margrete

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